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Common Issues with Flat Roofs

Along with increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home, a flat roof is also easy to install. However, the real hurdle lies in its maintenance. While you may be satisfied with how it looks when newly installed, if not maintained, a flat roof can cause several issues.

Whether own a residential or commercial property with a flat roof, as its owner, you should be aware of the possible roofing issues that may arise and require repair or replacement.

Here are the most common issues with flat roofs that property owners may face.

Standing Water

This is a common problem with flat roofing systems. However, contrary to popular opinion, your roof does not collect because it is completely flat. You might be surprised to know but a flat roof is not entirely straight. There is a slight angle for the water to drain out quickly.

However, the problem of standing water occurs if the roof is not cleaned and maintained, and debris can block the drainage pipes. Hence, the water stays stuck on the roof, causing severe damage to your property.


Since flat roofs are generally made of asphalt, alligatoring is quite common. When the asphalt used for making the roof starts to age, bubbles and cracks can be formed because of it. The whole process makes it look like an alligator’s skin and is a point after which you absolutely require a replacement.

Such a roof needs to be replaced, so you should contact the best contractor near you for replacement at your earliest.

Broken Flashing

The word flashing describes the metal strips used as a mediator between a roof and another surface. Broken flashings can occur due to various reasons. Some of these factors  include rain, excessive debris, or strong winds. Additionally, flashings can go missing due to contraction and expansion with the change in seasons. All of this can result in leaks and a damaged roof beyond repair. To avoid such extreme conditions, ensure that you get your roof inspected  once in a while.

Membrane Issues

A significant part of flat roof defects is buckles in the membrane. Unlike other roofs, a flat roof consists of a single membrane, which is the whole roof’s support system. Excessive movement of the roof can result in buckles in the asphalt membrane, which is a serious issue that requires immediate attention.

Crack in the Roof

Unlike slanted roofs, there is more pressure on flat roofs. This can cause early cracks in the roof, which can further lead to various issues. If you notice signs of damage in your roof, speak to a roofing contractor to see if a repair is possible. Delaying the problem will only cause increased hassle, require more money to fix it, and an added risk of living under a damaged roof, which is not what you would want.


All the issues with flat roofs stated above can be addressed, thereby increasing the lifespan of your flat roof with regular inspection. For further queries, feel free to contact us.