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4 Common Roof Problems And What To Do About Them?

To save yourself from costly roof repairs, you must take adequate measures to fix any roof-related issues as soon as they appear. Since the roof is exposed to the environmental factors at all times, it is prone to get damaged. Delaying getting damages repaired will only exacerbate them, and that is why it is best if you get these roof problems fixed by a reliable roofing professional at the earliest.

We’ve listed down some of the most common roof problems in this blog post, along with their possible remedies to help you take better care of your roof.

1.     Leaks

One of the most common roof problems is roof leaks. A roof leak may not be visible right away. By the time you’re finally able to detect a wet spot on your roof, the damage is already widespread. A leaky roof is characterized by wet spots or patches or mold. One way you can completely prevent roof leaks from occurring is by ensuring that your roof gutters are not blocked by debris, and there is no standing water. In case you observe any signs of roof leaks, call a professional roofer right away and get it fixed before the problem gets worse.

2.     Moss

Moss is often seen growing on roofs. While you may not find it problematic, moss can cause serious roof damage. The roots of moss can lift the roof shingles up and cause them to get loose and fall, exposing the underlying roof to damaging factors. Moreover, it can also result in mold growth. If there are any pre-existing holes on your roof, the moss may find its way inside your home too. If you see moss growing on the roof, you should get to its cleaning right away, which can be done using a mixture of water and laundry bleach.

3.     Broken Gutters

Another common roof problem is broken gutters. Gutters are responsible for allowing the outflow of any water on the roof. If your roof gutters are broken, damaged, or clogged, the water will remain on the roof. Over time, it might seep into the roof and cause water-related damage to your roof, which is quite costly to get fixed. If your gutters are old, rusted, and falling apart, get them fixed right away. The cost that’ll go into replacing your gutters is nothing as compared to what water damage repair is going to cost you.

4.     Blistering

Blistering is one of many roofing problems that homeowners complain about. It is a consequence of poor ventilation in the attic that results in the roof to get too hot. To prevent the formation of blisters on your roof, you must ensure that your attic is adequately ventilated. If you can’t be sure yourself, you can always have a professional roofer do it for you.


There are many roof problems that can affect the appearance and integrity of a roof. However, getting them fixed isn’t always costly. It is only when you delay addressing them that they end up becoming major repairs. Getting your roof inspected by a professional roofer periodically will help you stay ahead of costly roof repairs.