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How to Get Your Flat Roof Ready For Spring

If you are a follower of latest home design trends, you’d have noticed that the latest trend in home designing or remodeling is the flat roof. Besides being economical, the flat roof adds a modern and elegant touch to your house.

Homeowners are increasingly opting for the flat roof mainly because they provide a considerable space to them to have a designated patio or a rooftop garden. With the rise in the vertical expansion of buildings, people are losing backyard spaces that were once used for outdoor sitting. Unlike the pitched roof, the flat roof allows people to use it as an extension of their homes’ living spaces.

However, the flat roof comes with its own set of challenges and the first one relates to its maintenance. It gets increasingly difficult to maintain the roof properly. You cannot ignore their regular cleaning, and if you have a patio or garden on your rooftop, it is even more important to take care of this space’s regular maintenance.

Spring is the official season for cleaning and home repairs. This season, besides cleaning the outside and inside of your home, go upstairs and clean your roof too. Here are a few tips that can help you maintain your roof properly.

1. Clean All Outlets

The flat roof is not absolutely flat. It has a slop, sometimes unnoticeable, that help water to reach draining outlets. These outlets are at the risk of clogging. This is because your roof can often act as an open dustbin for leaves, twigs, and other debris.   

Clogged drains deter standing water from draining, causing a lot of damage to your roof and may result in leaks that require costly repairs. You can also avail the services of a professional who can help you with your regular roof inspection and identify the areas that may lead to a problem in the future.

2. Remove Debris

Big tall trees look so beautiful. But all this greenery means that fallen leaves or broken twigs will build up on your flat roof. You can even find birds’ nest on your rooftop. With it, you will find a trail of twigs on your roof. All of which will be adding up to the already accumulated debris. Clean this debris so that it doesn’t end up clogging your brain.

3. Look for Punctures

Once you are done with cleaning your roof, you will have to check your roofing membrane for rips, punctures, or tears. It will be hard for you to inspect the roof on your own for punctures or rips. You can hire a professional for a thorough inspection and immediate redressal.  

4.  Install a Deck

As mentioned above, many people turn their rooftop into a patio. A patio means that you will spend time with your family and friends on the rooftop. This will lead to heavy foot traffic. To protect your roof from any possible damage from the foot traffic, you should consider installing a roof deck.


You should welcome Spring by properly maintaining and cleaning your rooftop. Simple procedures like unclogging the drains or removing the debris can be done on your own. However, if you detect any problem, you should always call a professional.