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Roof Coating – Pros and Cons

Roof Coating – Overview

Roof coating is an additional protective shield installed over the roof. It helps block harmful UV rays from the sun and improve insulation. Moreover, it helps keep your roof in its original shape for longer. If you plan to get roof coating for your residential or commercial property, you should know the pros and cons, so you are better positioned to make an informed choice.

Pros of Roof Coatings

Some of the benefits of roof coating include:

Increased Lifespan of Roof

Roof coatings can significantly increase a roof’s lifespan, whether it is installed along with your new roof or a few years down the road. It protects your roof material against UV rays and excessive heat. As a result, with a roof coating, your roof material is less likely to get damaged over the years.

Provides Better Insulation

Roof coating works as a barrier between the environmental factors and the roof of your home. It does not allow UV rays and heat to penetrate through the roof. As a result, it provides better insulation. When your home is protected and well insulated, it can significantly reduce the house’s temperature, leading to decreased indoor air conditioning costs. All in all, roof coating provides better insulation and make your home more energy-efficient.

Waterproofing Protection

In the case of a low-slope roof, water may collect in a specific area of the roof causing water damage to the roof and your home’s interior. With roof coating, you get better protection against water damage as it increases your roof’s overall waterproofing. Additionally, if your roof’s material is already prone to water damage, having a roof coating can increase your roof’s lifespan.

Better Aesthetic Appeal

Apart from added protection, a roof coating can also improve the visual appeal of your property. With an additional layer of coating on your roof’s surface, the aesthetics of any older roof can significantly improve. Moreover, when your roof begins to fade or appear older, a roof coating is one of the potential ways to improve your roof’s appearance without replacing it.

Cons of Roof Coatings

All the benefits of roof coating come with a few costs. Some of the cons of roof coating are:

Higher Cost

When you are installing a new roof, getting an extra roof coating can increase the cost. Some homeowners may avoid roof coating simply to avoid the additional expense. Note that silicon and polyurethane-based roof coating are more expensive than other types of roof coating. If the higher cost of roof coating is deterring you from getting a roof coating, you can choose the less costly alternatives.

Roof Coatings May be Flammable

Certain types of roof coatings may be flammable due to the chemicals they contain. It is, therefore, essential to be aware of this potential hazard.

Roof Coating for Your Roof

If you are considering roof coating, you must know the pros and cons of your choice. Often, roof coating by inexperienced individuals can damage your roof and come at an expense most homeowners won’t like.

You can easily avoid this expense by choosing the best roofers in town. Utah Roofing’s qualified roofers can help you make the right decision, so you get the most out of your roof and the best value for your money.