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Roof Damages That You Don’t Take Seriously But You Should

How many times do you notice a missing shingle on your roof and go, ‘Oh my goodness! I need to call professionals roofers right away!’ We’re sure that’s rarely the case because nobody takes a little damage here and there seriously. However, what you should be thinking at that very moment is what exactly has caused this minor problem?

Most homeowners neglect minor roof damages only to suffer massive roof repair costs in the future. In the worst-case scenario, the damages get so exacerbated that they’re only left with an option to replace the old roof.

However, you can save yourself from bearing that financial burden. We’ve put together a list of roof damages that not many people take seriously when in reality, they should.

Moisture Damages

One of the most common, and also the most dangerous, roof damages include those caused by moisture. The first signs of roof damage due to moisture are wet patches on the walls or ceilings. Instead of shrugging the problem off, you should be alerted because, by the time these signs appear, the damage has already become widespread. Moisture can lead to serious issues like mold, mildew, rot, and decay of the roof. If you see any signs of moisture-related damage to your roof, call a professional for roof repair right away!


Cracks on the roof are quite common. They may form due to incorrect installation of the roof, excessive weathering, or age. While a small crack here and there may not seem like a big problem, you’ll be stunned to know how serious cracks are. They make way for water and insects to enter your home, which is probably the last thing you would want. Moreover, when the cracks become bigger and deeper, they put the integrity of your roof under question.

Loose or Broken Shingles

Shingles can be torn away due to heavy winds. They also break loose if the adhesive used to secure them to the roof is of poor quality. Whatever the reason may be, you shouldn’t take the issue of loose or broken shingles lightly. Without shingles, the underlayment of your roof becomes exposed, and therefore, your roof is at a much greater risk of getting damaged, putting your safety at serious risk. When you notice that the shingles are coming loose, you shouldn’t wait for more shingles to come off and call for professional roof repair right away.

Water Pools

Water pools post-rain shouldn’t be a problem, but if the pool of water stands for a long time, that’s when you should call a roofing professional. Standing water on the roof is never a good sign. Standing water can lead to severe water damage to the roof, and repairing water damages doesn’t come cheap.

Many homeowners take roof damages lightly and try to save money on roof repair. However, now that you know what minor roof damages can lead to you, you shouldn’t delay getting roof repairs. Call a reliable professional roofer and get the damages, no matter how minor they may seem, fixed on priority.