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Things to Know Before Getting a Skylight

There are numerous benefits of installing a skylight. Not only do skylights increase the lighting in a room, but they also improve ventilation. Skylights add natural light to a room. Natural light creates a fresh and positive atmosphere and reduces the chances of depression. Skylights need to be placed carefully to minimize glare from the sun. Too intense a glare can make a room hot and too bright. Light filters and shades can also help minimize this glare. Automated skylights can also be an option, depending on your budget. These skylights have programmable remotes and can open and close when needed. They close if they detect extra heat and open if they detect moisture, such as rainwater. A skylight can add to the overall atmosphere of a room.

Let’s look in detail at what to know before getting a skylight below.

When to Replace Your Skylight

It is understood to replace your skylight after sufficient time has passed. If your skylight was installed between 2 to 5 years ago, you don’t need to replace it. But anything longer than that might require replacement. Even if your aging skylight is not leaking yet, consider replacing the skylight if you are getting a roof replacement. A skylight should remain leak-free throughout its lifespan, and if it isn’t leak-free, it has not been installed correctly.


Will a Skylight Add More Air and Light to the Room?

There are two different types of skylights. There is a fixed kind that does not open and close and a vented kind that can easily open and close upon preference. Fixed skylights are more energy efficient. They keep out moisture and cause fewer leaks. Vented skylights can open and close as they come with a motorized mechanism. Both are great options. Fixed skylights only add sunlight to the room, whereas vented skylights also add fresh air.

Is the Location Important

The right location certainly adds to skylight benefits. Qualified contractors can help you determine the best place to install a skylight. A skylight should be installed 5 to 15 degrees higher than your roof’s latitude. If your skylight is north-facing, you will get access to sunlight all year round.

Maintaining a Skylight

When pondering what to know before getting a skylight, you should know maintenance is critical. Leaky skylights require immediate attention. Even if it’s a small leak, it can expand very quickly. You can also detect a leak due to discoloration or dampness in the room. Do remember to dust your skylight in intervals. When cleaning your skylight thoroughly, use warm soapy water from the inside. You can also use a pressure washer to clean the exterior of the skylight.


It’s always best to let an expert install a skylight instead of doing a DIY job. Without the proper knowledge and skills, you can inflict severe damage to your roof, costing you thousands.